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Louise Francke

Louise Francke –
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The interest in art by the Center/Gallery members was always intense. The flame at its hottest lit up our area with art that was on the cutting edge. We showed art which wouldn’t be acceptable in a gallery; or if it was, it hung in hidden places where it wouldn’t offend. My early surreal feminist lithographs and 40″ x 60″ watercolors got the opportunity to see daylight and be seen at Center/Gallery and at SECCA. Being a member of Center/Gallery was a marriage to its aims and the people who were a part of it. Many friendships were forged and lasted until death. It was this friendship ring which kept me in this area.

— Louise Zjawin Francke


Cocoon Shell by Trudy Thomson

I studied weaving at RTI in Rochester and then moved to Carrboro to attend graduate school at UNC in media design. Somehow I happened upon Center/Gallery when it had a spot on the second story of buildings set right on Main Street. The members were so warm and welcoming — it felt just like the “cocoon shell” I had made as a double weave at that time. I was comforted that I had found a tribe of women that would pursue many avenues to make sure our creations were seen around town and the community. Over the years I was so embroiled in a serious career in the corporate world I lost contact with the Center/Gallery activities. When I heard there was a show in Hillsborough at the Skylight Gallery I put myself into gear and participated. And now I am hoping that there will continue to be opportunities for our work to be seen.

— Trudy Tucker Thomson

Tumbling Squares by Judy Breen

Tumbling Squares by Judy Breen

I became a member of Center Gallery in the mid 1970’s. I felt honored to be with a group of brilliant artistic women who were eager to show their work, despite some of it being slightly “edgy” for that time. Because I believe what Kahlil Gibran said, “Nothing is ever clearly understood until someone states it simply”. I was experimenting with simple designs in various media, employing brilliant color and geometric shapes that were slightly “askew”, thus causing the viewer to pause and experience slight discomfort. I moved back up north, in 1980, but stayed in touch with friends from Center Gallery. I had many One Person Shows, up North and in NC. I worked as a teacher of art and drama in ME and NH. In 1991, I received my M.A, in Art Therapy. I returned to NC in 2002 and am thrilled to be back in touch with Center Gallery.

— Judith Klein Breen

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